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Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 07.30 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 17.30

St. Gallen: Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Oetenbachgasse 5
8001 Zürich
+41 43 344 64 64


Bahnhofstrasse 102
5000 Aarau
+41 62 822 64 64


Dornacherstrasse 20
4053 Basel
+41 61 332 15 15


Looslistrasse 15
3027 Bern
+41 31 330 61 61


Mühlebrücke 2
2502 Biel
+41 32 325 61 61


Rue J. Reichlen 4
1700 Fribourg
+41 26 322 64 63


Av. Louis-Pictet 9B
1214 Vernier
+41 22 320 61 61


Rue du Bugnon 53
1020 Renens
+41 21 320 61 61


Rhynauerstrasse 15
6005 Luzern
+41 41 312 52 52

St. Gallen

Rorschacher Strasse 268
9016 St. Gallen
+41 71 243 50 20


Industriestrasse 26
8404 Winterthur
+41 52 203 64 64

Contact persons
Jaqueline Wirz
Jaqueline Wirz
Sales area: Winterthur, St.Gallen
Alain Gschwind
Sales area: Bern, Solothurn, German-speaking Biel, -Freiburg and -Wallis
David Barroud
Sales area: Western Switzerland | Business Development Manager West
Philip Schmid
Sales area: Western Switzerland | Internal sales service

Martin Hurter, CEO | Francis Boillod, COO | Roger Heis, CFO | Patrik Gartmann, CSO

Our values

We optimize processes according to ecological criteria in order to protect our environment from procurement to billing. In the case of components and equipment, those that are manufactured and operated in an energy-saving manner have preference. We consistently implement waste separation and recycling at all levels, whether in internal operations or in the customer environment.


We are a family business with a corresponding culture. We employ people with disabilities, train apprentices who can stay on after graduation and provide targeted support for further training. Work and private life should coexist in the best possible way. A flat hierarchy and open culture of discussion allow the individual to contribute and develop.


Great ideas are born at the grassroots level. Institutions such as the Architecture Forums in Zurich or Winterthur, ZAV or Zurich Zoo have one thing in common: they develop ideas and implement them. These valuable platforms impart knowledge and promote exchange. And they also give a lot of pleasure to the visitors. We have been supporting these institutions financially for years.


We offer a work environment free of prejudice, whatever our employees bring to the table, in a climate that promotes acceptance and trust. Regardless of what nationality, origin, religion, ideology, age, sexual orientation and identity someone may be, we coexistence and openness at all times with conviction.

1926 – 1962

Eduard Truninger founds the Lichtpausanstalt Ed. Truninger at Uraniastrasse 9 in Zurich. The pioneer produces light tracings on the 5th floor with sunlight and later plan prints for architects and engineers, even during World War II.

1962 – 2002

Margrit Hauri-Truninger and her husband Hansruedi take over the company. They add repro photography, offset printing and copying to the range of services. The company moves to Hardstrasse 69 in Zurich and opens a city location at Oetenbachgasse 5.


Tobias Hauri comes from IBM and takes over the reins in the third generation. He drives digitization forward. Data-Share is launched as a separate project space (cloud), which wins major contracts for Hyatt, Dolder Grand and Letzigrund Stadium.


Plotters and MFPs are loaned out to architects, planners and construction sites. Customers thus also receive Truninger services internally and quality at the same time, regardless of whether the output is internal or external.

2007 – 2015

Expansion into numerous Swiss cities, first of all Winterthur, Bern, Basel. Our new branches offer consulting, production and delivery service close to the customer, which brings additional growth.


Outsourcing of major customers (e.g. Implenia, Losinger, Steiner, AFRY) with specific solutions for internal and external information management using project space for easier communication in construction projects.


Truninger and Plot24 merge to form Truninger-Plot24 AG. The result is the largest provider of information management for construction projects in Switzerland.


UhuCloud is launched as a central platform for document management with integration of strong partner solutions.


We are proud of our sponsorship and partnerships.