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Number of Files

22 Mil

Transfer / Month

1 TB

Number of users


Administration for planning, construction management and operation

Our CLOUD provides you with solutions for planning, construction management and administration from a single source, whereby new modules are constantly being added and BIM (Building Information Modeling) has long since become reality. Support, quality assurance and controlling as well as a high degree of individualisation ensure that you and your team are relieved as much as possible and that your carefree package includes a “Swissness” that also takes local processes and requirements into account as far as possible.

Your project “Swiss made”

All data is hosted in Switzerland and meets high security requirements. Adjustments to the respective project, preferences of the team as well as possibilities to react to unforeseen events exist at any time. Cloud solutions are used by building owners, general planners, total contractors, the public sector (including hospitals) and as corporate platforms where project communication should be simple, secure and with clear responsibilities.

Overall Coordination

As part of our solution approach, we take over the overall coordination of all modules on request. This ensures that all project participants can work with the same tools at the same level. For example, the technical construction management and the overall project management use the same defect management, i.e. with continuous processes. Without overall coordination, the communication and control effort for the project management increases significantly, which is why we can take over this on behalf of the client.



Our cloud consists of modules for planning, execution and operation. These modules are aimed at developers, investors, architects, engineers, construction managers, total contractors, operators and users. You can call up the modules individually, whereby you achieve the greatest added value in a combination of the modules. Below we describe the individual modules in brief.



Description of modules

The QR-Code-App

The QR Code app enables plan version verification on any printed or downloaded plan. Your site management checks the current plan via mobile for its up-to-dateness. The construction site logistics app makes it possible to plan deliveries to the construction site to schedule cleanly so that there are no traffic jams even in dense traffic situations.


BIM-Server (IFC+BCF)

The BIM server is available for exchanging IFC files and displaying the model directly on the platform. The model can be visualized and explained according to its structures and elements, even at high levels. The BIM server supports the merging and versioning of business models and the editing of variants. The BIM server is seamlessly integrated into the project space.


Construction Management

This module of the Cloud helps you to execute your projects: Address lists, pending tasks, management orders, defects, acceptance protocol, construction journal and file notes are centrally recorded and coordinated using a mobile app.

Integrated Protocols

With the protocol app you create protocols in a defined layout incl. decision list in no time at all. At the end of the session, your minutes are available and are automatically stored in the Project Space, which also provides binding documentation.


Project Room incl. Support

The project room is available for the exchange of all project information, which documents the project independently of BIM. The system is currently used 1000 times and forms the foundation of our cloud-based information management.

Your Value Add

The ovals represent the added value you get from our cloud. Our cloud offers added value in all phases of a project: Below is a list of the individual areas. In our overall coordination, we also offer consulting on what we do in your project as the best possible combination of modules as well as the coordination of the individual modules with your respective project.This procedure relieves the project management of a lot of work, even in the case of additions and departures in the project team. We also bring continuity to the team.

  • Project-wide information and datamanagement
  • Online BIM viewer (IFC) with quick preview
  • Immediate support to meet individual needs
  • Construction journal
  • Task/Issue management on the model (BCF)
  • Mobile app for protocol and task management
  • Room book objects / doors / facilities
  • Information transfer to FM
  • Defect management / Acceptance report
  • Construction site logistics
  • Building documentation
  • Process standardization and optimization
  • Guaranteed price for all-in-one solution
  • Drawing management / Drawing release
  • Transparent information flow digital and on paper


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