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It brings numerous advantages to digitalize paper archives and and transferring them to electronic archives, namely for A4/A3 documents as well as for plans from building projects:

1. quick access  (indexing/search terms)

2. higher security, because of existing backups of data

3. less space required and therefore lower costs

4. no loss of information (paper originals may be lost)

5. worldwide access, if you are authorized

6. Easy further processing/management of data

7. possibility to use data for controlling purposes

After detailed consultation, Truninger-Plot24 will create a concept tailored to your needs. Criteria such as costs, access frequency, image quality, networking and integration into your current IT environment play an important role.


Consulting and concepts for the creation of an e-archive guarantee the success of your project.


Information is immediately available in the digitized archive at the click of a mouse.

Paper archive

It is difficult to access existing paper archives, which are also expensive to maintain>

Cost reduction

Inventory management and time-consuming searches are eliminated thanks to e-archiving