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Support Data-Share (FAQ) – Frequently asked questions and answers

01. Edit user account

Question: How can I edit the user account?

Answer: The properties of the user account can be edited by the user under [Participants] (edit properties).


02. Create clipboard at order

Question: How can I create a job with files from different folders?

Answer: Select files and put them into the clipboard (shopping cart function). Select files from other folders and also put them into the clipboard. This process can be carried out as often as desired. Then complete the order with all data. This process improves the traceability

03. Copy and move folders and files

Question: Is it possible to copy and move folders and files?

 Answer: Folders and files can only be moved and not copied. Folders and files can be made visible at multiple locations in the project via “Edit Location” properties.

04. Files and folders deleted. Restore

Question: Can deleted files and folders be recovered?

 Answer: Deleted files and folders can be recovered by Data-Share Support (for Exchange-project rooms, the deleted files and folders will be completely deleted after approx. 3 months). The delete function can be deactivated if desired.


05. Structure download

Question: Can folder structures be downloaded from the Project?

Answer: Folder structures can be downloaded from the Project.

The structure must meet the following criteria:

-Contains less than 300 objects
-Not more than 7 levels deep
-Data volume less than 500.0 MB

Larger folder structures can be created in several steps or can be downloaded by Data-Share Support.

06. Structure Upload

Question: Can whole folder structures be uploaded?

Answer: Very large folder structures can be uploaded by Data-Share Support If needed. However, folder structures can be uploaded by the participant in the project room with existing access rights they can be created independently and then the files can be uploaded (Single and also multiple files).

07. Amount of data Download / Upload

Question: What is the maximum amount of data for Upload and Download?

Answer: This depends on the internet speed of the participant. In principle, data up to approx. 1GB can be uploaded. The amount of data for Download must be less than 500.0 MB (see also 05. structure download).

08. Daily subscription

Question: Are there daily news (subscriptions) for activities in the Project?

Answer: A daily subscription can be ordered from Data-Share Support for selected participants can be set up (Only possible for Project and Collaboration project rooms).

09. Load address book

Question: How can you make the project addresses visible when creating an order?

Answer: When creating an order, the address book with the project addresses can be made visible under “Address book Load” (Project room participants are already visible).

10. Setting the language

Question: How can I set the language in the Project Space?

Answer: The language can be set under [Participants] “Edit properties” under “preferred Language” (German, English, French and Italian).

11. Create index extract, plan list and activity log

Question: Can a structure or activity list be created from the Project?

Answer: You can create an index excerpt of selected folder structures under “Create report”, or a plan list can be created. An activity log can be requested and created from Data-Share Support.

12. Change user name and password

Question: Can the user name and password be changed?

Answer: The user name and password can be changed independently by the user at [Participant] under settings.

13. Login not possible despite correct user name and password

Question: What should be done if with the correct username and password no login is possible?

Answer: Contact the Data-Share Support here and new login data will be sent.

14. Deactivate participant

Question: Can participants be deactivated?

Answer: Participants can only be deactivated by Data-Share Support.

15. Efficient and fast working in the project room

Question: How does one work efficiently and quickly in the Project?

Answer: We recommend in the Project for larger tasks (e.g. creating folder structures) to work with copy/paste and tabs in the Internet browser.


16. Browser recommendation

Question: With which Internet browsers does Data-Share work properly?

Answer: Data-Share works flawless with the browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (Tip: Install the latest Adobe Flash Player version for free).

17. Assign access rights to folder structure

Question: How can access rights be assigned in the project room structure?

Answer: Access rights can only be assigned by participants with all access rights to the project. It is recommended to consult Data-Share Support when making changes to access rights need to be done. Setting up the access rights (especially for folders with several subfolders) is very delicate (existing access rights can be deleted). The access rights for own folders and files can be changed at will.

18. QR-Code

Question: Is it possible to create files with a QR code?

Answer: The function for the QR code can be enabled in the Project on request.

For QR-Code please contact: patrik.gartmann@truninger-plot24.ch

19. Delete versions

Question: Can file-versions be deleted?

Answer: File-versions cannot be deleted for security and traceability reasons.

20. BIM (IFC / BCF) Server

Question: Is it possible to view and edit BIM models and manage tasks with BCF?

Answer: In the BIM server, models (IFC files) and tasks (BCF files) can be viewed and edited without any additional software processed (BCF), managed and shared. BIM and BCF functions must be activated by us.

For BIM-Server inquiries please contact: patrik.gartmann@truninger-plot24.ch

21. Create order from different folders – clipboard/shopping cart

Question: Is it possible to create a job in the project room with files from different collections (folders)?

Answer: Files from different collections (folders) can be merged in the clipboard. You can then “create an order” via the shopping cart.



We will gladly answer any further questions.

Please send them by e-mail to:

Data-Share Support: data.share@truninger-plot24.ch