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Loan Equipment

devices2Welcome to TruITsource, the professional solution for your internal plots and prints. TruITsource offers you customized loan equipment free of charge. You only pay for what you actually plot and print and you will not be charged extra if the machine breaks down. We also allow for project and mandate specific invoicing.

As a Truninger client, you will benefit from special treatment in terms of both services and pricing. TruITsource’s all-inclusive solutions are simple and make your work easier as well as being available 24/7 to give you maximum flexibility.

pc_troubleInternal plots and prints are essential to the steady and efficient progress of construction projects and it is important to have a cost-effective, quick and reliable way to draw them up even outside of working hours. So the necessary internal equipment is usually indispensable.

The purchase of such equipment has a lot of time-consuming additional aspects to it: amortization, integration, maintenance, repair work, re-invoicing to the construction client as well as various technical challenges. Non-professionals rarely anticipate all this, which considerably diminishes the joy of the purchase. So why have important collaborators deal with internal plotting/printing issues, if they could focus their whole energy on their core tasks?

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  1. Taking stock of your IT situation so that we can manage it appropriately
  2. Neutral advice regarding workflow and possible equipment
  3. Financing the equipment via TruITsource. Where there is already equipment available, we will either buy it or take over the leases.
  4. Integration into your existing IT environment
  5. Acquisition software with quality control and final inspection at your office
  6. VAT compliant invoicing by task and project
  7. Maintenance and IT support in plotting and printing issues
  8. Your IT support as such remains with your current partner
  9. Delivery of expendable items matched to your device i.e. ink, paper, print heads, ordering forms etc.
  10. External solution for large volumes through collaboration with Truninger-Plot24 AG; they produce and deliver locally throughout Switzerland


  1. Prevents unprofitable investments, as your current environment is taken into account
  2. Producer neutrality allows for true comparison
  3. No Funding; You only pay for what you actually plot/print and you can always switch to better equipment
  4. Quality control: Equipment is meant to produce good prints from your software
  5. Clear, simple and comprehensive project planning
  6. Constant support during use saves you verifications of your own
  7. All-inclusive solution, you have one contact for all matters of concern
  8. Truninger produces large volumes and delivers them to any address of your choice for you. This way you don’t lose any time and don’t have to compensate for costs or investments.