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For planning, construction management and operation

Our UhuCloud solves the data exchange between planning, construction management, owner, contractors and facility management with lean, proven processes. In case of fluctuation or project changes, our support team always assists. Data loss no longer exists in the “managed” UhuCloud.

Plot, scan, print

Truninger-Plot24 is a full service provider

Our product strategy focuses on strong core products that are convincing in terms of quality and price. As a supplement, we offer comprehensive additional products that you can add on a modular basis to round off the core product.

Plot and print large format plans – black and white or color, rolled or folded

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Competition Plots
Large format UV-resistant prints on thicker paper for competitions and presentations

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Prints, Copies & Scanning

A4 and A3 prints including finishing (folders and construction documentation)

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Equip / Mount
Punched, cut, stapled, with spiral binding (wire), thermal binding, mounted on Dibond or aluminum

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Delivery service
Ordered today, delivered tomorrow morning or faster by our couriers to the office or construction site

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We create from your paper plans by means of vectorization CAD files that they can further process

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Offset printing
High print runs and large paper selection

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From your idea to the implementation we advise you and accompany your project

Equipment for rent

Get free plotters, printers, tablets and touchscreens for your office or jobsite and only pay when you use them.

It should be possible to create them cheaply, quickly and reliably, and of course outside office hours. Therefore, internal devices are usually indispensable.

With the purchase of a device comes unforeseen time costs: amortization, integration, maintenance, possible charging to the building owner, as well as countless technical challenges. Non-professionals can rarely figure these out right away, which diminishes the joy of the purchase. This raises the question of why key employees should be dealing with internal plot/print issues instead of devoting all their energy to core tasks.


Digitizing paper archives brings numerous benefits: faster access, security and more space.
  1. Quick access through indexing/search terms
  2. Higher security, as backups of data exist
  3. Less space required and therefore lower costs
  4. No loss of information (paper originals can be lost)
  5. Worldwide access, provided you have access rights
  6. Simple further processing/routing of data
  7. Possibility to use data for controlling purposes

After in-depth consultation, Truninger-Polt24 will create a concept tailored to your needs. Criteria such as costs, access frequency, image quality as well as networking and integration into your current IT environment play an important role.


We take over the operation of your local print center as well as the entire printing infrastructure for you.

This delicate process requires particularly careful implementation because your current employees are affected. In return, they are given new perspectives and opportunities.

  1. A clearly defined scope of services that meets high expectations
  2. Clearly calculable prices instead of difficult to grasp resp. hidden costs
  3. An outsourcing partner that ensures continuous progress
  4. More time for your core business, no management of the reprocenter
  5. No investments in hardware and software and their maintenance
  6. Personnel issues, vacation replacements, loss of knowledge are eliminated

Recipe for success: Outsourcing is based on clearly defined goals, but must evolve continuously. Services and prices must be in line with the needs of your internal users and meet your cost expectations. This means a continuous process with a strong customer focus and ongoing dialog.

We are ready. Ask for references and their satisfaction.