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Prints, copies & scanning

A4 and A3 prints including finishing (folders and construction documentation)

Prints & Copies In the field of digital printing, we offer premium prints in every conceivable format, including special finishing options such as

  • Spiral binding
  • Perfect binding (for printing contracts and theses)
  • 2-punch/4-punch
  • Folding
  • Punching
  • Stitching
  • Filling/assembling of folders (printing of construction documentation)
  • Processing into brochures, magazines, flyers, business cards, etc.

With us, there is no minimum order quantity – you only order what you actually need, conveniently via our on-demand ordering platform Data.Plot.

Scanning (incl. text recognition):
Do you have archives that are rarely used and are space/cost eaters? Scan and digitise your archive, including digital text recognition, so that all your analogue documents are searchable and you no longer lose time searching for documents. Your archives and documentation are made available to you securely on digital data carriers (USB sticks, hard drives, servers, etc.). This enables you to reduce or eliminate your physical archives. It also saves costs for archive space, enables secure storage of data in accordance with your standards and simplifies data management (documents can be searched using text recognition). In co-operation with partner companies, we also offer you the outsourcing of the archive and the option of retrieving your documents in digital or physical form on demand. We will be happy to advise you!